Family atelier since 1975

Andion is a mother-daughter atelier working from the beautiful hills of Galicia in northeastern Spain.

All our pieces are lovingly crafted in a small workshop surrounded by cornfields, eucalyptus, and oak trees. Always handmade and always inspired by our Galician roots.

While we work, the vegetable garden waits to be tended to. If the weather is kind, we’ll take lunch in a sunny spot outside of the greenhouse and unearth dinner from the soil, ready for the evening’s meal.

Back in the workshop, we browse the rolls of lace, silk and cashmere spilling out from the shelves. Each piece we create is custom made, with Andion romance at its heart.  

On the way home, through fog, rain, or with a glowing sunset at our backs, we think big ideas for tomorrow, and all the days that follow.

Welcome to the Andion family